Thursday, November 8, 2012

Printable Thanksgiving Graphing Game Freebie

For the freebie this week we have a brand new game for you, it's a printable Thanksgiving graphing game!  It comes with a printable die and graphing pages so you and your little ones can take turns rolling and marking your graphs.  The first one to get to ten on their graph wins!

To get this freebie you just need to:

1- Put five dollars worth of products form our shop into your cart.

2- Put the Printable Thanksgiving Graphing Game in your cart.

3- Enter the code: THANKSgraph

4- Check out!

Now that we FINALLY have our coupon codes working again we'll be having some freebies where you'll need to spend $5 to get the free product, but then we'll also make sure to have some where you just get a product for free without any stipulations.

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