Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tongue of Fire book review and GIVEAWAY!

David McKnight gave us a copy of his book "Tongue of Fire" to review and another copy to give away to you guys!  YAY!  The book showed up at a time when I was moving so I had my mom (Melanie) read it.  Here's here review:

I was excited to get David McKnight’s new book “Tongue of Fire” in the mail! He was nice enough to provide me with a copy so I could read it and let you know my thoughts. First of all I have to tell you that I am glad to live in “Happy Valley” after reading his book. I grew up outside of Utah and have always longed to move back outside of the Mormon culture. Now I am not so sure.  

David’s book is about a young family that is driven from town after town because of their Mormon beliefs and standing up for them. This newest move is suppose to be different. John, the main character has promised his wife and family that he will not be outspoken in this new town and that they can lay low and keep their faith unknown. Instead they will focus on service to others. Well it is short lived for poor David. Almost as soon as he hits town, he is asked to preach in the new mega church. 

The character of John is amazing to me. He knows how hard it will be for his family if he found to be a Mormon, but following the promptings of the spirit, he goes against his family’s wishes and preaches at this large church for several weeks. What is also awesome in this story is that the congregation feels the spirit of John’s sermons and each week more and more people are showing up. The spirit of Christ and his teachings is something that the people of this town are yearning to hear. 

I really like that this book doesn’t focus on just our Mormon faith, but it is about Christian beliefs. John helps a struggling young preacher learn how to deliver a meaningful sermon. He also helps widows in the town when he is at his breaking point. I think there is something that all of us can learn about what it means to be a true follower of Christ.  

Your heart will break for this family who is struggling to stay together as their lives fall apart. You will be inspired by John and how he keeps following the promptings of the spirit, even in his lowest point. Also in this book you will see how the adversary works against the teachings of Christ. How hearts can be hardened and anger can change people. But also how the spirit can come and change a hardened heart, and forgiveness and love can follow. 

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I did. I found so many it be a message of faith, service, forgiveness, and love in times of real trial. Hopefully we all can find the strength to do what is right as John does in this book.

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