Saturday, May 26, 2012

We're Practically Twins of The Mormon Channel

Did you know that The Mormon Channel just had their third birthday?  And you know what else?  Green Jello with Carrots just turned three too!  It's like we're twins.

Even if we weren't twins, I'd still adore The Mormon Channel.  They have the most entertaining video and audio clips.  They really make sharing the gospel easy, or at least a whole lot less intimidating.  For instance, how can you NOT share this video:

That cracks me up every time I see it - it really never gets old.  And I don't feel weird posting it on my personal facebook wall, or showing my nonmember friends because it conveys a good message without being overbearing.  Plus, it's hilarious.

I am also a HUUUUMONGOUS fan of the new Tech Savvy show on The Mormon Channel.  Mostly because the host, Elisa Scharton of Mormon Mommy Blogs, is absolutely amazing.  And also because she's one of my really good friends.  But mostly because she's amazing.

You can catch Tech Savvy in snippits, or watch the whole show in one sitting.  It's really convenient depending on how much time you have.  And the topics are always interesting because they focus more on technology and modern communication, and how to best use these tools to enhance spirituality without becoming obsessed with facebook and stuff.

See, wasn't that great?

The Mormon Channel has so many more great videos and podcasts that are great for personal growth, Family Home Evening, sharing online, and education.  But, like Green Jello with Carrots, being only 3 years old means that not enough people know The Mormon Channel exists.  They need people to spread the word about how awesome they are!

I challenge all of our readers RIGHT NOW to go find a podcast or video that they like at and share it online or in person.  See how easy and fun it is!

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2busy said...

I've seen Tech Savvy, she does a great job!