Friday, May 25, 2012

Freebie Friday: Conversion of Alma the Younger Playset!

We are still working out a couple tiny bugs with the site, but we are almost completely functioning super duper now.  Unless you want to use a coupon.  In which case, we're actually waiting on some programmers to fix that bug since they don't seem to be working for anyone using our type of shopping cart. Awesome, right?  no.


This playset is BRAND NEW (seriously, I just made it today).  Teach your family about the conversion of Alma the Younger with these fun little people.  It's a great Book of Mormon story, and with the playset your kids will remember the story each time they get to play.

In the set you get: Alma the Younger, Alma the prophet (his dad), the 4 sons of Mosiah, and an angel.  And it's lots of fun to play with.

And since none of our coupon codes are working, you can go to the site, and click on the pdf under the preview image to get the free file today.  It's really easy.  (We also have the "add to cart" option, but if you do that you'll have to pay for it.  Because, you know, NO COUPON CODES. grr.)

ALSO, in the time that it has taken me to get the upgraded site ready I've really fallen behind on my blogging - so keep your eyes open for posts next week about all the amazing stuff we've gotten to do the past few months - we had loads of good times that need shared!


Ana said...

I´m going to twitt this...Yeah to NO COUPON CODES!!! :) ...

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