Monday, May 28, 2012

A Discount to America's Pastime

Baseball doesn't always equal hotdogs, but you know it can.  The last Salt Lake Bees game we attended we were torn between the traditional dog or the delicious smelling mexican food - we chose burritos.  (and they were SO GOOD.)

The baseball game was really fun.  It was a little slow until about the 8th inning.  Then the other team brought in a different pitcher, and the Bees took full advantage.  They scored over and over, and we were cheering in our loudest high school girl voices (at least that's what my husband said we sounded like).  It was pretty exciting until the end of the game, and we were happy to see the Bees win!

Look, I even recorded a video when the bases were loaded, and you can hear us all being dorks in the background:

(So tell me, do we sound like stupid high school girls?  Because I really need some backup when I tell my husband that we totally sound like mature excited women.)
The coolest part about the Salt Lake Bees was that they're letting us offer our readers discounted tickets!  And not just to baseball games, but to other events as well.  (And when basketball season starts again, we might even get to have discounted seats for the Jazz too!)

We have a little ad in our sidebar now that has the Bees logo on it - just click on it any time to see what events are coming up and what kind of discounts you can get.  Right now there's a bunch of family fun events with 25% off discounts, and there's always going to be SOMETHING cool to get tickets for.  So if you're in Utah, are coming to Utah, know someone in Utah, you now know the best place to get tickets.

And also you know that we cheer like teenage girls.

For more information about the Bees game schedule, reserving a Hospitality Suite, or Group Picnics just click on those links or email our friend Ben

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