Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Behind the Ear Thermometer (it's so awesome)

I went to a lunch last week that was sponsored by Vicks.  It was at a beautiful restaurant up a canyon, where we ate in a luxuriously tented room, while everyone's kids were in the other room with the free babysitters.  In short, it was a super awesome lunch.

While eating the gourmet food we got to hear from pediatrician, Dr Meg Meeker.  She was funny and informative, and she gave us a copy of her amazing book "10 Habits of Happy Mothers".  (Which I plan on reading this evening - but if it's anything like what she spoke about, then I know it's going to be amazing.)

She also told us about the brand new Vicks thermometer.  It's super easy to use (I know, because when we got home we played with it LOTS).  You just put it in the little dip behind your child's ear (or your ear) and then hold down the button for about 1 second.  Then it beeps and the screen will display the temperature, but also assign it a color: green for no fever, yellow for a mellow fever, and red for "yup, that's a fever".  It will also record the last 8 temperatures so you can compare (because if you're anything like me, you'll want to take that temperature at least 5 times just to make sure it's right).

Here's a quick and funny video of Meg Meeker explaining it:

And it really is that easy to use.  Even my 3 year old can make it work.

We also got to hear a little about the Vicks humidifiers, which I was immensely interested in.  I have kids with asthma, but only the kind that gets obnoxious during colds.  So, during those colds, we pretty much keep our humidifier running all the time.  Which leads to us going through a LOT of humidifiers.  In fact, we need a new one RIGHT NOW.  So you know which kind I'm going to get?


It's called the Vicks Starry Night Humidifier, and not only does it humidify a room, it also plays music and projects stars on the ceiling.  I'm so excited to get it!!  (I want to keep it in my room...)

So, anyways, to boil my whole experience down into one sentence: I've always loved Vicks products but now I have even more admiration for them, and I also love free babysitting and a good lunch!

I was compensated by Vicks by receiving a free lunch for me and my kids, and free babysitting, and a sack full of awesome free Vicks products, plus the Starry Night humidifier - I would have just been happy with lunch, but great swag is SO STINKING AWESOME.  Thanks to Vicks, Log Haven Restaurant, and Dr. Meg Meeker.

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2busy said...

so much easier than the under the tongue thermometers.

I want cool swag!