Thursday, March 8, 2012

freebie friday: Article of Faith Prints

You might have noticed that our website spent a few days offline this week.  Because I broke it.  AGAIN.  (Pretending to be an IT person, really isn't working out to be that awesome of a gig....)  But everything important is working on the site now.  You just have to ignore all the wonky weirdness that is sprinkled throughout.

Anyways, our freebie is what I like to a call a lazy deal.  Seriously.  I'm feeling lazy.  So basically, you can get any of our new Article of Faith Prints for half price.  We have one for each of the 13 Articles of Faith, and the prints come in 2 sizes: 8x10 and 5x7.  But you have to at least buy 2 of them, because it was SUPPOSED to be a buy one get one deal.  But this was so much lazier...I mean, EASIER.

To get the deal, just do this:

1- Put at least two prints in your shopping cart (you can get them all on this deal if you want).

2- Sign all the way in.

3- Enter the code: articleFAITH

4- Check out.

And that's it. 

And, if any of you are planning on attending the Story at Home conference this weekend, come find me and we can hang out!!!  It's going to be super fun.  And you can get free parking in the underground garage on South Temple if you park on the JS Memorial Building side - just give the attendant your name and they'll waive your fee.  Which, frankly, is AWESOME.  See you there!

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