Thursday, March 15, 2012

Freebie Friday: the color GREEN

Since St. Patrick's day is coming up, I just picked out 6 products that have a lot of green in them.  Just spend $5 in our shop and anyone of these is yours FOR FREE!

To get the deal, just do this:

1- Put $5 worth of products in your cart, plus the free item you have chosen from the images above.

2- Sign all the way in.

3- Enter the code: SHAMROCK

4- Check out.


Also, I want to announce a couple things:

FIRST OF ALL, if you went to the Story at Home conference last weekend, we've had some issues with the code we provided in the swag bags (because I broke the site last week).  But IT'S WORKING NOW.  So come back and order!!

SECONDLY, there's a family in Alabama that needs our help.  I'll be posting about them on monday, and what you can do to help us help them. :)


Noriko Anderson said...

Hi, love your stuff. Just having an issue with the coupon code...

Melissa Bastow said...

Did you sign all the way in before you tried the code? Our cart is super picky about that.

Noriko Anderson said...

I did. I just keeps going to an error page