Friday, September 16, 2011

Freebie Friday!

So, we've had our file folder games on sale for $1.89 for awhile now, and we're not really sure what people think of the price.  Remember when we first lowered the prices for a "trial run" and asked for opinions?  Yeah, um, we didn't get that many opinions. 

And now we're kind of thinking about changing them back to $2.49 (hint hint, TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!)

So basically, you have all weekend to think about it and leave us a comment, then we'll see where the file folder game prices fall.

And to help you make up your mind, we're offering you this deal:

That's right, if you spend $3 in our shop, we'll throw in a file folder game for free.  Just do the following:

1- Put $3 worth of downloadable products in your cart.

2- Put the file folder game of your choice (worth $1.89) in your cart.

3- Make sure you are all the way logged in (I cannot stress the logging in thing enough).

4- Enter the code: DING  (there is no purpose for the word DINGE being the code, just that it is)

5- Check out and pooof-o, magic-o, free file folder game!

And don't forget - we want YOUR opinion on pricing!  Pretty please with sugar on top leave us a comment on this blog post or on our facebook page.

Muchas Gracias.


Amber Meadows said...

Definitely keep the price at $1.89 - you may be tired of hearing this from me, but I'm a HUGE fan of your file folder games and I've bought quite a few. The lower price makes it easier on my budget! Lots of people have asked where I found such cute games and I'm always sure to let them know about your site :)

Melissa Bastow said...

Thanks Amber! I'm glad you like our file folder games. And thanks for telling other people about our site - you're awesome!

Rebecca said...

I don't normally leave comments on blogs but since you asked a few times...I absolutely LOVE your product, especially the file folder games. It is hard to find church appropriate activities for my toddler & the file folder games work like a charm. At first $2.49 seems like a very low price. After having made a few & having to print them with a lot of ink, buy velcro, magnets, or sticky dots, then the folders & the lamination - the cost adds up. My personal opinion (for what it's worth) is that the $1.89 price will help customers return & makes me like your product even more!!!

Audra said...

Rebecca couldn't have said it better- she pretty much summed up my thoughts exactly.

Also as a thought- I love your new Alphabet and Wee School Stuff but even at $1.89 it would make buying the whole alphabet almost $50 - I would prefer using your stuff by far- but it seems like a lot to pay considering most of the preschool workbooks books are only $10-$15. If they were available in a set for say $15-20 I would be one of the first in line!

Thanks again for all your great designs- Your stuff is a Family Home Evening Staple at our house!

Alee said...

My vote is keep the lower price. I agree with the pp, that when you buy everything it adds up.

I also agree with making the school version a set as a whole... but I am more interested in your LDS stuff.

I would love to be able to buy it as digital clipart so I could make my own flyers and handouts and church activities.

LOVE your stuff. Keep it up!! There aren't many places to find cute, church oriented things!

Cara and Mike said...

yes yes yes!! The lower price PLEASE!!! I have just recently came across your blog and I am so excited to purchase some file folder games! I agree with the post about how the cost of things adding up. You are so talented and I am so grateful to have found this - your work will be a major part of our conference experience this fall! My toddler I'm sure thanks you! 1.89!!! :) :)

Anonymous said...

I love the file folder games please keep the price at $1.89! The lower price helps with the cost of printing and putting the folder together. Thanks for your talent and sharing it with us.

Shauna said...

I love your file folder games. They are worth the money...but keep them lower. Please.
They have brought so many kids happiness.

Lindsay Heitz said...

I bought a bunch of them so obviously I love the new prices! Everything you do is adorable and my kids have so much fun with the file folders. thanks for sharing your creativity!!!

arendje said...

Please leave the price low - so much easier for young mothers be able to afford them - thank you -