Friday, September 23, 2011

fifty percent off

So, today, friday, was really super busy for me.  And I had to drive a lot, and I didn't even get lost once!  Which is a miracle.  But in all of the not getting lost, I never got around to putting up a freebie.  So I'm making up for it by posting just a regular deal:

To get the discount, just do this:

1- Select your fave I Can Draw Book (or two...or all) and put it in your cart.
2- Make sure you are all the way signed in.
3- Enter the code: iCANdraw50
4- Check out, print, enjoy.

And next week, I hope my friday is less drive-around-ish and more freebie-ish (although I'm still pretty proud of the whole not getting lost thing).

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