Thursday, September 15, 2011

This week I'm just going to talk about all the sweet deals I'm getting online, because there seems to be a convergence of awesome deals (that interest me.....and hopefully they interest you too).

You've seen these things, right?

(How could you miss them?  They've been taking over the kid world for a few years now.)

Personally, I think they are the dumbest toy ever invented, but they seem to have this magic overwhelming power that turn sensible, quiet children into crazed, screaming fanatics.  So far, I've stayed strong against my kids' begging and pleading - it just wasn't enough to convince me to fork over $20 for one.  BUT right now you can get one for $7.99!  Which is pretty much a steal.  So now I'm planning on grabbing a few for Christmas.  But the deal is good only until 11:59 PM tomorrow night, so get one fast!
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I'm a huge fan of digital scrapbooking.  And I like to print my digital scrapbooks into hard cover books.  But with 4 kids and a picture taking obsession, that can get REALLY expensive.  Unless you check out these deals:
You can get TWO FREE BOOKS from Snapfish.  Yeah, you just have to buy one, and they give you two more of equal or lesser value for free.  That, my friends, is a killer deal.  Just use the code: LOVE8X11 before September 19th.

Shutterfly sent me an email this morning offering me a completely 100% free 20 page 8x8 book.  And I'm totally not giving you my code, because I'm going to be using it to make a book of all my daughter's baptism pictures.  But I'm thinking they sent an email like that to all of the people who have signed up with Shutterfly, so you should probably head on over and sign up, if only for future spectacular deals.  And you can get 20% off photobooks through their site even without my code.

OR, you can get 40% off photobooks at Peekaboo.

Picaboo Promotional Banner

But this deal is my ULTIMATE favorite:

My photobooks always end up surpassing the 20 page limit that most places have, and then I end up having to pay around $1.50 for each extra page.  So when I have a 100 page book to print, I end up with an astronomical bill.  But Winkflash's flat-rate book sale will give me that 100 page book for the price of a 20 page book - IT'S AWESOME.  Just use the code: ALLBOOKS by September 19th, because it's so so so worth it.

All of the previously mentioned photobook places have great templates and can make super easy and super fast books.  Just upload your pictures, and their program will even drop them onto pages for you, if that's what you want.

Of course, I'm not really a template ready type of gal - I like to customize things too much.  So, if you're like me, I suggest using my FAVE digital scrapbook program, MyMemories, to build all your pages.  You can still use our fabulously awesome code to get 50% off the software: SAVEMOM50

And now I expect you all to be getting a great deal on a digital scrapbook this week.

I've never painted my toenails. I'm not a real girl. Maybe someday the blue fairy will come and transform me into a real girl, and she'll probably use this:

Right now you can get an entire year supply of DIY Glitter Toes for only $39.00 (which I hear is an excellent deal.  I wouldn't actually know, seeing as I'm not a real girl and all, but I wanted to include it in this post because some of you might love it when your toes sparkle.)
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And lastly, but certainly and not by any means leastly, we're offering some discount codes in our Etsy shops!

You can get 15% off any crochet pattern in my missyB shop by using the code: GREENJELLO


You can get 15% off anything in my mom's SewTuti shop by using the code: JELLOGREEN

And make sure to check back on the blog tomorrow for our Freebie Friday deal!!


Hizzeather said...

Well, the Cuddlee Pets are considerably smaller than Pillow Pets, FYI. I bought a few for my nephews last year and almost cried when they came. I had assumed they would look exactly like Pillow Pets! Big disappointment.

Melissa Bastow said...

Hizzeather, good to know! That's definitely something to think about, you know, if I'm actually going to pay for something I'm not so crazy about in the first place...