Sunday, August 7, 2011

There is a great tutorial written by Vickie Hacking about how to upload a family picture to your online ward directory.  And you can check out her other tutorials about church websites and how they can be helpful to use.

Check it out - I have a new digital scrapbook kit for sale at MyMemories!  And once again they're offering half off their amazing (and easy to use) software if you use the code: SAVEMOM50 

Leelou had an adorable baby girl last week!  (And she really is adorable - I've seen pictures.)  Congrats Julie!  And she also has this free August desktop theme available on her blog:

Remember that conference I keep talking about?  The Story at Home conference?  Well, you can buy tickets for it now!!  And they're CHEAP.  Which is awesome.  But instead of reiterating the details, I'm just going to send you over to MMB Community to read all about it, ok?

(And have I ever mentioned - I'll be there.  Yeah.  'Cuz we're sort of a sponsor and stuff.  So you should get tickets and we'll hang out when I'm doing sponsor-y type things, ice. meeting all the cool speaker/teachers back stage.  It's gonna be great.)

Are you in a position in which you can laugh loudly and for extended periods of time?  Because I would recommend you make sufficient laughter-ready preparations before watching this hilarious video (especially since you'll want to watch all the other Kid History videos the second your done with this one):

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