Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to School sale!

Instead of a freebie this friday, we're going to run a Back to School Sale for a week!  You can get 40% off our new Wee Smart school section!

We originally wanted to build an entirely new site to have all of our school printables, but it was turning into too much work and my kids were tired of fending for themselves while I sat at the computer.  So we have a Wee Smart section in our Green Jello with Carrots shop for now, and maybe, eventually, one day, if we feel like it, we'll have an actual Wee Smart website.  Perhaps.

For now, enjoy your 40% off the entire Wee Smart school section until Monday morning on August 22nd by using the code: back2school40  (Just make sure you're signed in before using the code!)


Megan said...

ooh cute stuff you've got on there! :)

//Raisa\\ said...

This is very cute, but unfortunately, mi students only speak spanish :(


kisses and hugs from Mexico!