Friday, June 10, 2011

summer sale!

I'm still not moved.  'tis stressful, let's not talk about it.  Instead, let's talk about this:

Basically, for the next two weeks, you'll get 15% off all the downloadable products in our shop.  No codes or anything, just straight up 15% off. 

Once life decides to stop being stressful we'll get back to freebie fridays and all that good stuff.  (And we'll eventually launch Wee Smart, since we've been talking about doing that for about 2 decades now.)

And also you can all come over and help me pack boxes and clean behind my oven. (Do normal people regularly clean behind their ovens?  Because I don't.  But I know the kids have shoved stuff under there, so it must be cleaned behind before we go.)

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