Saturday, June 11, 2011

So what's the number one awesome thing we found this week?

Of course, I didn't have to actually look to find this (because I'm part of it...) but that really doesn't decrease it's total awesome-inity.

Leelou is having a baby and is hosting The Cutest Baby Photo Contest (as well as a baby shower at the end of the month).  And The Barrel of Blogs is helping.  And you want to know what one of the grand prizes is?  A FREE PHOTO SHOOT WITH PEEKABOO PHOTOGRAPHY!  Peekaboo Photography is amazing.  Totally and completely amazing.  And the other winners of the Cutest Baby Photo Contest will get some pretty great prizes too.  So come and enter a photo.  DO IT NOW.

Speaking of The Barrel of Blogs, the June issue is out:

 Cute, isn't it?  You can get it here.

Remember when you were younger, and you used to have this thing called FREE TIME? (A magically foreign concept once you hit adulthood.)  Did you ever do anything like this with that free time?

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