Saturday, April 9, 2011

awesome things we found this week

Here are some super fab things that we here at Green Jello with Carrots are LOOOOOVING this week:

You can get a free, and SUPER CUTE, April computer desktop theme over at Leelou Blogs.  Don't be a dork - change your desktop theme (it's been like what? TWO years since you last did it......oh wait, that's me.)

I'm saddened that had no idea this existed:
Read all about Ogden's Dinosaur Park in the review over at Local Community Hot Spots.  And maybe next time we're in the area we'll see you there.  (My sons are already making plans.)

For all of you fabulous bloggers - go include your post in the Post of the Week at Casual Blogger Community.  Because it's fun.  And you get to show off your best post.  (Fame and fun - two of my favorite things.)

There is this really cool etsy shop that sells THE CUTEST leather keychains I've ever EVER seen.  ever. See?

And if that weren't incentive enough to check them out (even though it should be) they also have this super cute printable (and FREE) Easter egg holder on their blog.  It looks like a rabbit is holding the egg.  I know - so cute.

Do you remember the movie Singles Ward?  Sadly, I think that some LDS comedies shall I say this......NOT FUNNY.  But I loved Singles Ward - hilarious.  Truly.  It was the first movie I saw with Kirby Heyborne in it.  I think he's been in about 5 trillion movies/commercials/shows since then, but did you also know that he's a singer/songwriter?  No?  ME EITHER.  But he is.  And he's good!  But before I show you this video I just wanted to give you the links to his blog and a place you can buy his music (which is what I think I'll be doing now.)  Ok, now you can watch this:

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Caroline said...

Is that a ninja keychain? Because I need one. I didn't KNOW I needed one until right this minute, but now that I know it exists, I must have it.