Wednesday, April 13, 2011

another way to get FREE stuff

How would you like to see YOUR IDEA as a Green Jello with Carrots product?

Sometimes we get emails from customers asking for products for Scouts or Activity Days or RS Birthday Dinners, etc.  Those emails are great, but when we sit down to make new products we aren't entirely sure what would be the most helpful, best product to make for Activity Days or Scouts or whatever.  What we really need some inside information.

So this is where you come in, and thereby get something awesome in return.

If you want to see a certain product on Green Jello with Carrots, email us with your useful, original, awesome idea and we'll create the product and give it to you FOR FREE.

Of course there are some limitations on this deal (there are always limitations - it's how the world works.)  So here's how it will basically work:

1- You email us your idea - it must be:
     a) Specific, ie. "a card game in which I can teach my Activity Days girls about the Holy Ghost, with this list of different options for cards..."
    b) Original. Being similar to something you've seen before is one thing. Totally stealing someone else's idea?  Something entirely different.  No stealing, mkay?

     c) Email your idea to

2- We create the products on our own schedule.  Please don't email us on tuesday morning and expect us to whip up something for your RS Birthday dinner on wednesday night.  That's just insane.  We'll get the products done.....when we get them done.  We'll try to be timely about it, but no promises.

3- We will not create every product that will be suggested to us.  I'm sorry, but some ideas just won't fit our customers needs, or our schedules.  So, suggest really good ideas, ok?

4- If we make the product that you suggested, we'll email you the files for FREE before we upload it to our shop.  But:
     a) If you've suggested the same exact product as someone else - we will only give it to the FIRST person who suggested it.
    b) If it seems like you should get it for free, but aren't - it's probably because of stipulation "a".


So yeah, let us know your product suggestions, and get free stuff for being SO AWESOME.  (Because you ARE awesome.  Otherwise, why would be asking for your input?)

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