Thursday, October 15, 2009

FREEBIE FRIDAY - changing things up

We're going to try something a little different for this week's freebie.

We love doing Freebie Fridays. However - as I have mentioned before - it seems like we've been giving much more away than people are buying.


Here's what we're going to do

Every person who spends $4+ today (during Freebie Friday) will get a free Nativity Card Game emailed to them.

(Ideally you would be able to include the freebie in your cart upon purchasing your $4+ worth of products, and I'm sure there is a feature SOMEWHERE in our cart that does that - but for the love of sweaty socks I've tried to figure it out and have had absolutely no luck.)

Because of this new policy we'll be offering better and bigger freebies. Like this whole Nativity Card Game for example. Because we really love having Freebie Friday, and we hope you all love it enough to spend $4+ in our shop.


Simone said...

Girls, unfortunately I don't have an internacional credit card, which would be the only option to buy from my country, but I love you and your stuff the same way and I totally agree with your new policy. I hope I can buy some products soon. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi gals. I placed an order this morning and only got the downloads for my order. Was wondering how soon the "free" nativity game will post to my email. I'm excited to get it printed and check it out.

I love the new policy and think it's only fair that fans of your site contribute to your creativity.

We were blessed when we welcomed our daughter through the miracle of adoption. Do you think at some point you would ever do some kind of clip art or family talk about adoption?? Just a question I had.

Anonymous said...

this is so stinking cute!!!!!!!

My 3 girly girls said...

ADORABLE! To bad I found your blog a couple days after freebie Friday, oh well, next time :o) Can't wait to take a better look at your products!