Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Green Jello Grab

Our Green Jello Grab this week are Young Women posters. These are high quality 8x10 posters - one for each YW value.

With the 40% discount you save $20 when you buy all eight posters.

These make great gifts for the girls in a Young Women's class, or even for your own daughter/granddaughter/niece/babysitter/neighbor/cousin's friend's daughter's sister.

Don't miss out on getting these poster for such a great deal! (Remember, today -tuesday- only.)


Anonymous said...

those are really cute posters! i would love a set for my daughter... she is not in YW yet, but she will be next year in june.

Anonymous said...

So cute

As Sistas In Zion said...

I love these posters! Most of all I love how many different ethnicities your products feature. Absolutely wonderful!