Tuesday, September 29, 2009

important things

Hi everyone, this is the Wicked Witch of the West. At least I feel a bit like her because I am going to have to be mean for a few minutes. But these things are important so I shall proceed.

If you have not read our terms of use, please do. They're not particularly horrid, and I won't go into detail here, but I would like to point out a few highlights:

Please don't give away our stuff. Even if we're giving it away ourselves. (Especially for Freebie Fridays when the products are free for one day only.)

If your sister is preparing the lesson that you gave last week and wants to use the same handouts, please don't email her the file or give her something to copy. Things can seem a little vague when you purchase a digital file, but that is, in fact, stealing. Please instead tell her where you got the handouts and have her purchase her own.

Our biggest goal at Green Jello with Carrots is to offer products to use at Church and home that are affordable and fun. When people start abusing their usage by "sharing" or giving away our stuff it makes it really hard for us to function as a company. And we may have to raise prices or stop (gasp and shudder) offering things all together.

What you CAN do, however, when you'd like to let other people know about our products just give out links. Also, you have our permission to use a picture from our website and link it back to us in any emails or blogs or other websites (but you really need to remember the link, ok?) Just don't offer files or products.


(This isn't the easiest thing to say.)

When it comes to Freebie Friday we are feeling a bit used.

The freebies started because we feel it's important to help everyone out, and it's always good to get something free. But you have to remember that we're spending valuable time on all the things we offer, and this is an occupation for us. (We have families to support.)

And we have been noticing a huge trend of customers who only come to the website for the free stuff and never purchase anything. We don't expect everyone to purchase huge amounts every week. But obviously you guys like the freebies and therefore (hopefully) like our stuff. So please put in paying orders as well.

It's kind of like when you throw a party, but the only way you can get people to attend is by mentioning there will be great nachos there. And then when all the nachos are devoured you find yourself sitting in an empty room because everyone only came for those nachos.

We want to mean more to you than really great nachos.

And if things don't change we might have to stop Freebie Fridays, which would be really sad.

And that about wraps it up for this wicked witch. Please read and follow our terms of use, and please start purchasing things so we can keep up the freebies. And please don't throw a bucket of water over me, because you know what happened to the witch in the movie.


The Jongejans said...

Way to go ladies! I'm so glad you stand up for yourselves!

Simone said...

I totally agree, Melissa! You have my support and you can count on me.

Scattered Brain said...

I am behind you on this one also. Thank you for saying something. Your prices are not bad for your products, I have enjoyed all that I have purchased

Amanda said...

I love your site and your product, I love freebie fridays but at the moment my situation does not allow mw to purchace extra stuff :0( Sorry I can't help out But I have told pepole about you and hope they purchace things from you!

www.greenjellowithcarrots.com said...

Thanks Amanda. We appreciate you and understand that money is tight with everyone. Keep spreading the word about our site and that is going to help us as much as buying products:)