Friday, July 6, 2012

Freebie Friday: Printable Gospel Puzzles

So I've been slightly MIA from the blog again.  It's because I got some sort of nasty virus that stole two weeks of my life.  Because, you know, why not kick off the summer with being sick?  Anyways, I'm mostly better now, so let's talk shop - we have a brand new product for the freebie today!

You can get our new Four Gospel Paper Strip Puzzles for FREE by going to our site and clicking on the pdf icon just under the preview picture.

(It's available to put in your cart too, but then you'll have to pay, so don't do that, ok?)

If you like our freebie today, could you pretty please share that opinion with all of your friends via facebook, twitter, pinterest, google+, cell phone, or by yelling over your back fence to the neighbors?  Thanks!


Andi said...

Thanks Melissa and Melanie! Loving this! Hope you guys are doing great. Hugs, Andi Walker

The Wille's said...

Eech- hope you are getting feeling better!!! Thanks so much for the freebie!! I can't wait to make these for my boys!! LOVE your stuff!!! THANKS!!!

brooke and chad coon said...

I'm not seeing the pdf icon under this printable. Is it still available?