Monday, June 11, 2012

FHE Idea: The Last Supper

This FHE idea has been tested by my family, and given a pudgy thumbs up from all the kids.  And the cool thing is it can be adapted to a family with kids of all ages.  (Even adults.)

FHE Theme: The Last Supper

Scripture: Matthew 26:26-28

Songs: "Before I Take The Sacrament" Children's Songbook, "Reverently and Meekly Now" LDS Hymnbook

Story: The evening of the Passover Jesus had supper with his twelve apostles.  First he showed them love by washing their feet, and told them to love one another.  He knew that this would be the last supper He would have with his beloved apostles.  He broke the bread and blessed it, and told the apostles that it represented His body.  Then He blessed some wine and told the apostles to drink and remember His blood which would be shed to provide a way for everyone to repent.  This was the very first Sacrament.  And it is why we take The Sacrament every Sunday.

Game: After you've covered the story and the scripture, pull out The Last Super File Folder Game.

We like to use sticky tac with our file folder games.  And we used to have a big old tv with a regular glass screen.  So we'd attach our file folder game right to the screen with the sticky tac, and position the pieces off to the sides.

Of course, you can stick it anywhere you want.  We no longer stick it to our tv, because we finally joined the present and got a flatscreen HDTV, but we've also used a white board, a posterboard, or even the wall.

As far as playing the game goes, have one person be in charge of the questions.  This person asks questions about the Last Supper story and scripture.  They can also be questions about The Sacrament.  Whomever answers right gets to pick a piece to stick on the file folder game.  (If you have little kids, you probably want to take turns and ask super simple questions; if you have older kids make the questions meaningful and more difficult.)

Once the file folder game is complete, you can end with a song and prayer.  And everyone will have learned about Christ, and gotten to play a game.  So basically, it's pretty awesome.

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