Thursday, April 26, 2012

Opening Thursday Session: BYU Women's Conference

The first session of BYU Conference started with a video message from Sandra Rogers about conference etiquette.  It was her final message (after years of skits) and it was hilarious.  She, and her sidekick, were pioneer women with a handcart trying to get to the Marriot Center, but were distracted by things like brownies and rocks.  It was great!

The first speaker was Sister Burton, the new President of the Relief Society General Presidency.  It was a short message, but she seems amazing.

Then Ruth Todd spoke to the huge crowd of women on being armed in righteousness.  She was funny and inspiring and every one was focused on learning how to use prayer, service, and staying strong to keep us armed and ready for any and all situations.

"Women make the biggest difference in the world."

Here's a free printable from her talk:

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