Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week of love: the Love of Learning

Learning is great as an adult, but WAY more fun when you're a kid. (Which is why I like making stuff for my kids to learn from - it brings back a little of the excitement I used to have at their age.)

For today's lovey special you can get all of the products in the Weesmart Learning Section of our shop for 35% off!

And there are some brand new products you can choose from!

These craft stick puzzles are my newest favorite thing to do with my preschoolers, and they're easy to make!

Just print the puzzles on thick paper and cut around the outline on each.  Then cut a piece of clear contact paper to go on the fronts.

Once you have the contact paper stuck to the fronts of the puzzles, slice the pieces on a paper cutter (using the lines on the puzzles as a guide - - speaking of which, if you look closely enough you'll see that I didn't actually cut on the lines.  That is because I was a total doofus when I printed these and had measured wrong for the craft sticks - but DON'T WORRY, I fixed them before uploading the zip files on our site, so they are totally the right size now.)

Glue the strips to large craft sticks.  I used a sponge tip on some Scotch clear glue, and it worked beautifully.

Once it's all dry, it's time to play!  Here are just a few of the puzzles I have put together for my kids using the new files:

Yeah, I really like craft stick puzzles.  And my destructo kids can't ruin the pieces like the paper puzzles I've printed for them before.  YAY.


While you're shopping in the discounted Weesmart Learning Section, don't forget to check out our brand new Valentine Magnet Pairs!

These are 1" discs that you can print, cut and glue to the backs of clear glass craft discs.  Then hot glue a magnet to the back and your kids can play a fun Valentine version of a matching game as they group the words with the corresponding picture.  IT'S FUN!

 (FYI - it's really not very easy taking pictures of clear glass craft discs, because those things are way super reflect-y.)

Now go load up your cart - because tomorrow is going to be a different deal of LOOOOOVE!

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Andrea Graf said...

What a great idea, thanks for always having such great things I can use.