Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week of love: love and marriage

We can't have a week of love without talking about weddings, right?  Marriage is all about the beginning.  After awhile it's more about who cleaned out the fridge last or have we paid the water bill yet?  But in the beginning - and for brief happy moments throughout time - it's ALL ABOUT LOVE.

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These wedding paper dolls come with a man, a woman, 5 modest wedding dresses, 5 tuxedos, and 10 accessory items.

I printed these and cut out all the pieces so I could take pictures to show everyone.  But the pictures look like barf, and I'll tell you why:  I wanted to print these on cardstock, cover the fronts with clear contact paper, adhere the backs to a magnetic sheet, and then cut them out.  But I couldn't find magnetic sheets at the store, so I had to get printable magnetic paper. So I printed a test image on cardstock, which looked marvelous, then printed the pages onto the magnetic paper.  AND THAT STUFF IS RUBBISH.  Even though I used the same settings on my printer, they came out all sorts of wrong colors and all the shadows (that I spent hours and hours drawing) weren't even visible, AND, they're hardly magnetic at all.  So don't use it - go to a different store and get the magnetic sheets, the kind that have sticky stuff on one side so the printed cardstock will adhere to it nicely.  Because if you repeat what I did, they'll just end up looking like this (bleh):

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See you tomorrow for our next day of lovely deals!

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