Friday, January 20, 2012

Freebie Friday: Haz Lo Justo

We now have the 2012 themes en Español!  Now you can get posters, binder covers, printables, clipart, pencil toppers, bookmarks that say Haz Lo Justo for Primary or Levantaos y Brillad for Young Women.

For the freebie we're doing more of a general discount instead  (yeah yeah, technically NOT a "freebie" but it is, what it is, ok?)  And for the weekend you can get 30% off our entire Español section by using the code: HAZLOJUSTO   (Just make sure you're signed all the way in before you try to use the code.)

ALSO, make sure and enter the giveaway that ends at 11:59 PM tonight!

And you have a few more days to contact me about the Creative Team, if you're interested.

NOTE: My Español skills are horrible - it's embarrassing to admit that I was the spanish club president in high school since I can't speak the language at all.  We got the text for the actual printables from the church website, but the descriptions and directions come from my really bad memory and Google Translate.  Please forgive the errors and know that we did get the text for the actual products from a much more reliable source.

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