Monday, January 16, 2012

Creative Team Call

We are putting together a team of creative and resourceful people who also like to get free stuff!

The members of our creative team will receive free digital products from our shop twice a month.  They will then print, cut, and use the free products and blog/facebook/pin the results.  They get to keep and use all the digital products they receive, and also get 50% off any purchases for all additional downloadable products that they want!

Here are the requirements:

You must have a blog with a moderate-good following. You will be required to post about the free products you receive from us on your blog twice a month.  You will also be required to put one of our buttons in your sidebar (we'll probably have a cool "I am on the Green Jello with Carrots Creative Team" one for you to use...once we make it).

You must have a Pinterest board with at least 150 followers. You will be required to pin product pictures as well as your own photos on said board at least twice a month.

You must also have a facebook/twitter/other social media account with a substantial-ish following.  We don't care if your facebook (or other) account is private, as long as you have a following and are able to post about Green Jello with Carrots at least twice a month.

Most importantly, you MUST be reliable.  We will be taking this creative team seriously, and the members will be receiving free products frequently in exchange for their posts/pins/etc.  So, if you're not sure about how well you can follow through, please don't apply.  But if you can commit to regular posts, then WE WANT YOU.

If you'd like to apply, send me an email including your monthly blog stats as well as the url to your blog, a link to your Pinterest board, and a link to the other facebook/twitter/whatever account you'll be using to post.   
Email all of that to: melissa AT

We're going to take a week to collect information from anyone interested, and announce the team, as well as send out the first free products, next monday!


Alee and Brandon said...

Wow! I was so excited, but unfortunately don't meet the requirements (besides being extremely reliable!!) Good luck to those lucky ladies who do, can't wait to see what you make with your goodies! :)

The Wille's said...

I hear you Alee! I was super excited too but unfortunately I don't meet those requirements either :( I would be super reliable and all that but my following is not that great on my blog or fb :( Good luck you guys in finding the people you want! said...

Same here girls. I work, have aging parents and can't let the internet or demands to be on it dictate my free time. Although I just love the freebies for my calling and work bulletin boards.
Would have loved to help a bit here. oh well.

The Matthews Family said...

Yeah I agree with the ladies-- the requirements are a little hard for us "normal" folks! ; ) I have a Pinterest account-- but only less than 100 followers as I don't promote it much. I have a blog-- but mostly just for friends and family although I blog frequently. But I am the Facebook queen! If you end up not getting enough people for your Creative Team, I'd still love to help! ; )