Thursday, October 20, 2011

freebie friday

Sorry, we skipped last week's freebie. I had surgery. It hurt. Lots and lots. In fact, it still hurts so I'm doing this week's freebie on my phone, from bed, whilst on pain killers. So let's hope the code works!

Since Halloween is coming up you can get $2 of FREE stuff - anything from our holiday section. Just make sure you're signed in and use the code: TWObucks

And hopefully next week I'll be out of bed and off of lortab. :)


HighDesertGal said...

So sorry you're in pain. No fun. I hope you feel better soon and the meds don't make you loopy. :)
Thanks for all you do.

Audra said...

Bummer about the surgery- I hope you feel better soon and thanks for the fun freebie!