Friday, October 7, 2011

Freebie Friday

We have news!!

That's right, we now have an online coloring section where you can have your child spend hours and hours and hours coloring our adorable pages for FREE!

Of course these coloring pages are a lower resolution and only for online coloring, but we still have our printable coloring pages available in the shop to get the high print quality you're used to using in your church classes and at home.  And today (friday, Oct 7th) you can get 5 printable coloring pages FREE.

Just do this:

1- Pick your 5 favorite coloring pages and put them in your cart.

2- Make sure you are signed all the way in.

3- Enter the code: COLORING

4- Check out.

5- Download, print, color COLOR color!

And don't forget to check out the online coloring section that is always free to color.  And bring your friends!!  We have multiple books of coloring pages with pictures of families, LDS concepts, holidays, super silly stuff and more!

(Also, just so you know, I'll be adding a few more printable coloring pages to our shop - so keep an eye out for those!)


Megan said...

the coloring pages are really cute!!! I like Fred the mechanic :)

The Hills said...

I had to try the coloring pages right away, just because. My younger two ran in the room and saw what I was doing and are now screaming that they want a turn to color. I had to tell them "later." And now they want to know when "later" is. They are getting too smart for me. Thanks for the fun!

Dani said...

Love the coloring pages!!!

Also, here is a coupon code I wanted to share:

20% off PaperLayerz and CutMates from the website if you enter the code 'eCraft11'.

it was in my new ecraft machine, and I figure anyone who scrapbooks or uses paper could find it useful!