Sunday, May 29, 2011

If you want to make a memory book for a grad or a dad, head to Cherish Bound and get $14 off.  Using their unique story starter kits, it's easy to capture ALL the memories (not to mention they are super helpful in the event that you sit down to start the book and your mind goes completely blank.)  Just use the code: GRADDAD11 to get your $14 discount.

Heather wrote a funny post about being a first time mom over at MMB Community.  It makes me laugh....seeing as I don't have to currently deal with it.

Schools is almost over.  Make one of these for your kids.  You can get a download for the tags at it is what it is.

Or you can make one of these for the teacher:

I know, it's cute, right?  YUP.  (There is a link for the teacher tag printable also on it is what it is.)


I like this.  But I think I want it in turquoise - which I believe is an option over at the Sugarfresh etsy shop.


This is a cute idea - buy a photo board book at Board Book Albums and decorate the pages.  Then you can slide family/pet/child/whatev photos in the pages and you have a custom book your kids can look at it all they want and you won't ever have to worry about them bending the pages/photos.

Also, I have some insider information that if you use the code: Lucky10 at Board Book Albums, you can get 10% off your order.


Remember in March when I told you that we were helping bring about an awesome conference?  REMEMBER THAT?!  'Cuz you should.  'Cuz it's going to be FABULOUS.

And guess what?  The conference website is ONLINE now.  Except that it's missing about 95% of the information.  But it's ONLINE now.  And that's exciting!  (You know I'll be telling you all every single step the conference is taking, right?  Because it's just too hard to contain this excitement and stuff.)

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