Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We're MAD!!!

(As in crazy.)

Now that it's the new month we can claim March Madness and run around the streets in tiaras and galoshes!


We can give everyone a big discount on all their downloadable orders.

Lucky for you my tiara is being fitted for new rubies, so the discount it is!

For this first week in March you can get your ENTIRE downloadable order 35% OFF!!

Just enter the code: MADmadMAD when you're checking out to receive the discount.

But we'll probably come to our senses after next week so the sell ends at 11:59 PM MT on March 7th.

P.S. Yes, we know that March Madness actually refers to college basketball. But it's so much more fun to pretend that it means we get to go crazy.

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Mitchell Family said...

Ladies! This site is great. Can you guys get some kind of cute visiting teaching handout every month to go with the message?. I would be all over that.