Wednesday, March 2, 2011

cool stuff for bloggers

I have a couple of things that I think would be cool to share with you, especially if you're a blogger.

Have you ever run out of things to blog about? But you'd like to keep your blog updated so you can share your life with extended and distant friends/family, if only you could think of what to say? Well, then this is totally for you.

365 Days : A Year of Posting Prompts. It's pretty cool. Make your blog a living history, but without EVER having writer's block.

There are 4 great reasons that this is better than other blog prompts:

1- You get an actual book to put into a binder, purse, desk, where ever you want it.

2- Unlike other yearly prompt programs you won't be overwhelmed with an ENTIRE YEAR of information. (A whole year at one time is like information overload.) With 365 Days : A Year of Posting Prompts there is a monthly theme to focus on, giving you time to remember all the details you want to share.

3- BLOG TO BOOK. This is huge. It's all set up, all you have to do is copy from your blog and paste onto the ready made templates. You'll be holding a gorgeous book of your fabulous life without massive amounts of efforts. (Told you it's huge.)

4- Green Jello with Carrots is helping with the project! If that weren't reason enough. Well, I just don't know what to say. That should really be reason enough.

So yeah, go sign up for 365 Day : A Year of Posting Prompts. (You'll be thanking me later for telling you about it.)


Now that it's March there's a new issue of The Barrel : Blogging Reviews! (You know, that online magazine I run with my sister?) And we're giving away tons of super awesome stuff from some super awesome etsy stores. So you really should check it out.

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