Friday, March 25, 2011

Freebie Friday

For the freebie today, you can get the FHE Chart: Duck Pond for free!

This is my favorite FHE Chart, so I'm glad that spring is here and we can use it again!

To get the free FHE Chart, you just need to:

1- Put $2.49 worth of downloadable products in your cart (we suggest you buy a file folder game that teaches a lesson so you have a whole new set of FHE tools, but you can spend your $2.49 however you'd like).

2- Make sure you're signed in (our codes only work when you're signed in).

3- Put the FHE Chart: Duck Pond in your cart.

4- Enter the code: DUCKLING

5- Check out.

And hopefully the weather will start to agree with everyone and we can finally have spring!

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