Saturday, March 26, 2011

awesome things we found this week

Every week, I want to let you know the latest and coolest stuff going on in our Green Jello community and anything else we think is super fab and needs sharing.

Check these out:

• New FREE blogging backgrounds at Leelou Blogs
• Write your own review in Local Community Hot Spots (it's new-ish, but a super awesome resource for local community fun!)
The Barrel of Blogs online magazine has an all new look and website (it's pretty stinking rad.)
• Get your blog featured on Casual Blogger Community.
Mormon Mommy Blogs is one of my favorite site (and perfect for our readers, if you're not already a part) - if you haven't read about their Return to the Family campaign, you NEEEEEED to.

And now I have some the most awesome, super coolest, neat-o-iest news ever.  Announcing:

This is a conference that you are all going to want to attend.  It's not going to happen for another year, but start preparing now, because it's going to be AMAZING.

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autumntiana said...

Where? When? How do I sign up??