Thursday, December 2, 2010

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If you've been looking for a couple of cool places to hang out online, I've got a couple of great suggestions.

Scriptures 4 Kids is a great place to go with the kids.

My kids don't like me watching over their shoulder while they play games. I don't really like to do it either, because frankly, I tell them to play computer games at times I need them to be out of my way. But it's hard to just let them loose online because some websites that are supposed to be "kid friendly" either redirect them to a toyshop through a series of ads, offer way too many video clips (I might as well stick them in front of a tv) or have games to pointless that you can physically see their brain cells atrophy.

But at my kids can play around in the Kids Club all they want, and I know they'll be learning great concepts while they have fun!

The Kids Club at has multiple "rooms" which reflect in the level of play. The "Nursery" is perfect for my preschoolers (my older kids have fun there too). The other levels are great for my older kids. And since my oldest kids are still pretty young, I know they still have years of fun before they outgrow all the games!

Get your kids (or grandkids or nieces and nephews or ...) a subscription to the Kids Club for Christmas - - they're going to love it!

If you're looking for a place to spend some "me" time head over to The Barrel: Blogging Reviews online magazine.

This month's issue is all about Christmas. There are homemade gift ideas, holiday recipes and a feature on how bloggers around the world celebrate Christmas. There's also some great fashion advice, a funny single's section and a pros and cons list to printing Christmas cards (only to name a few.)

The greatest part about The Barrel: Blogging Reviews is that it's run by a couple of ultra fabulous chicas - my sister Michelle and ME! (We're fabulous, trust me.) This is only our second issue, but we have a lot of fun putting it together, and we hope that it's entertaining and (slightly) informative for you to read!

So those are my suggestions.....and if you end up with a bit more free time to spend online there's always the option of perusing through the shop at Green Jello with Carrots!

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