Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Green Jello Grab

I know, I know, I'm posting this really late and it's the same thing we did last week.

My 3 year old threw up 12 times yesterday. Wanna know what the nurse's advice was when I called last night, convinced he was on the verge of serious dehydration?

The nurse said, "Well, don't feed him."

Really?!! And here I thought pizza and some Winger's extra spicy sauce would make it better. Stupid nurse anyway.

I did end up feeding him though - a peppermint candycane. I was looking up home remedies and saw a lot of peppermint tea suggestions. We didn't have tea, but we did have candycanes. And guess what? It totally worked. Or it was a coincidence (which is more likely.) And then once I got him to stop puking, my internet flaked out on me until now.

And that is why the grab is late and the same thing as last week. It's a good enough excuse, I tell you.

Just enter the code:


(isn't it awesome that I get to choose the codes?) when you're checking out and you'll get 20% off all of your downloadable purchases. The code will be good until tomorrow afternoon (as in wednesday.)

And here's to hoping no one else starts puking at our house.

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