Thursday, February 11, 2010


This week's freebie is a Lucky FHE Chart your whole fam is going to like.
With each of our FHE Charts you get the a full color background image and coordinating pieces to write your family members' names on.
Each week, someone is assigned a "job" for FHE like lesson, opening prayer, treat, ect. Rotate the names so that everyone has a turn doing each "job."
It helps remind everyone about FHE, and what each family member is responsible for. It also helps get kids excited about helping (my kids love seeing their name on the chart and actually enjoy helping.)
Just spend $4 in our shop today (friday) and I'll email the Lucky FHE Chart to you on saturday. And just think, you'll have plenty of time to get it put together and ready for when Valentine's day is over.

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