Sunday, December 13, 2009

on the third day of Christmas...

The third day of Christmas is for anyone who teaches Sunbeams or nursery, or who has a Sunbeam or nursery aged child, or grandchild, or nephew, or cousin's daughter's neighbor's uncle who is a Sunbeam or in nursery.

Today you can buy our HUGE Sunbeam package:
It includes 9 full color clipart images, file folder game, 4 bingo cards and a file to make Sunbeam headbands.

If you buy our HUGE Sunbeam package, we'll email you this for FREE:
Our brand new Primary 1: I am a Child of God I Can Draw book!!!

This book is fab because it goes along with the Primary 1 manual. There are 24 pages that you can print for your Subeam or nursery class, or for your child to do during Sacrament Meeting or draw at home.

Each page has step by step instructions to draw simple pictures based on the lessons. There is a box provided on the page where the child can draw his or her "Masterpiece!"

My kids LOVE I Can Draw books. And this one is perfect for the upcoming year (and all those kids entering Primary!)

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