Saturday, December 19, 2009

on the ninth day of Christmas...

Our deal for the day is about our new Primary Sharing Time Super Awesome Handy Helpers!

(Ok, that's not their official name because it's much too long to fit on the preview image - but really, that's what they are!)

Next year's Primary theme is" I Know my Savior Lives." Each of these products comes with two months worth of Sharing Time activities (which are also really great to reinforce at home for FHE) following the specific themes for each month.

January and February include a coloring page and a moving poster with instructions (which also works really well in Singing Time!) March and April include a page to color of the prophet and the building blocks to restoration of the gospel. All the work is done for you - all you have to do is print and cut!

(The following months will come a little later - to give you a complete set of Sharing Time activities for an entire year.)

And if you buy both of the "I Know my Savior Lives" activities, we'll email you this for FREE:

Our new Primary Classroom Door Signs!

With 11 signs total (1 for each class) no one will be confused during the big class change at the beginning of the year. With spaces for the teacher's name, the room number and each child's name, everyone will know where to go!

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