Thursday, September 17, 2009

please help

Normally I would never combine my personal stuff with this blog, but I feel like this is really important and it's really close to my heart, so I'm sharing it.

My brother in law and his wife had twin babies on tuesday that weren't due until the end of December. She was about 26 weeks along in the pregnancy.

The babies are very tiny and have some very scary stuff to deal with. You can read a little more about the story here.

I have had two NICU babies and know how much time, energy and money goes into it (even years later.) I have set up a donation fund for them to help at least deal with the cost. I am going to put a button on the sidebar with a donation link - if any one has anything to give (even if it's little) I know that it will help greatly.

And please remember to keep these babies, and their parents, in your prayers.

Thank you.


Dani Souza said...

Prayers coming from Brazil, Melissa!!!

Grace @ One Craft Girl's Corner said...

I too had twins early. Fortunately, I went further in my pregnancy. They were born 35 weeks and 5 days. They're happy and healthy 14 1/2 month old twins. I love my babies very much. I'll be praying for your niece and nephew.