Friday, September 4, 2009


This week's freebie is some Relief Society handouts.

These handouts go along with the Teaching of the President Joseph Smith manual. (Lessons 42-45)

Help make Relief Society memorable.

Also I wanted to mention that we have some Random Handouts to use in any class, for Visiting Teaching, or as reminders to yourself to "Stand a Little Taller."


Last week, we had some issues with our freebie - the add to cart button disappeared. To be honest, I haven' t the slightest what happened. But to be fair we're offering last week's freebie for free this week as well. So get your Dress Up Girl School Clothes add-on!

My daughter took all the dress up girl stuff to Sacrament Meeting last week and was entranced the entire time. Even my boys got in on the action (some of the add-ons are still in progress for the Dress Up Boy, but you should know I'll be printing those asap!)

OH, and I was also going to say, I went to CopyMax to get my stuff printed. It was cheap, and the prints came out awesome on matte cardstock. Then I cut everything out and covered it in clear contact paper (cheaper than lamination.) I covered the inside of the folder with contact paper as well, and I made big pockets to hold all the clothes. (Pictures coming soon.) It turned out great!

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