Wednesday, June 24, 2009

something new and different

I just wanted to make an announcement:

I got more boxes. And we're all done moving.

You can all breathe now. PHEW.

Also, I wanted to draw your attention to something new we have. Relief Society Newsletter templates that you can EDIT.

This group of templates highlights uplifting and thoughtful messages on each (look for other types of templates in the future.)

All you have to do is open these bad boys up in Acrobat, and you can change titles and text, and then present them to the Sisters in your ward and they will all think you spent hours creating a custom newsletter.

Unless of course, other Sisters in your ward shop at GJC, and then they'll just think that you're incredibly smart for using these. They'll also probably think how fabulous you look, and that you look like you've lost weight. And possibly they'll think about you long enough to want to bring you homemade rolls to go with your Sunday dinner, and offer to send their 14 year old son over to mow your lawn sometime during the week just because they like you.

ALL of this because you used our super mega easy editable templates.

It sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

Well, maybe don't plan on rolls and lawn mowing. But they are easy to use - and that surely counts for something!

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