Friday, June 19, 2009


This week's freebie is more YW handouts. We missed a few lessons (oops) but hopefully these will get us back on track and provide you with some great stuff for your lessons.

Each lesson has two handout options. Everything is full color, with multiple images per page. This makes your job easy. You just print and cut.

We will be coming out with a bunch of new products really soon. We have some done, but you'll have to wait...I'm in the middle of moving, and I just feel lucky enough having an internet connection right now. Who knows, if the internet isn't connected at the new house in time, this freebie could last an incredibly long time....

Just kidding. It's friday only - internet or not. Rules are rules, and we don't call it "Freebie Friday, Saturday, Sunday and half of Monday!" So get it while it's free!

And if anyone has any extra packing boxes laying around, send them over. We ran out.

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