Friday, May 22, 2009

why the downloads?

I know that some of you are a bit nervous to use our products because they are all downloadable files. Most of you are probably used to books and cds. But let me tell you why it's better that we sell our products as downloads.

1- It's cheaper. Say you find a fun activity in a book, but you really only like that one activity. You still have to pay $20 for a book full of stuff you aren't really going to use. With our products all you have to buy are the things you like.

2- It's faster. You don't have to drive to three bookstores just to find a decent set of clipart images for your lesson on Sunday. We're right here - you just have to browse. Then download your stuff immediately (no shipping and handling "we can get this to you in 7-10 business days.")

3- You can print a file off as many times as you need. So your 1 year old found your FHE game 15 minutes before FHE was going to begin and shredded each page before chewing it? No problem - you're Super Mom (or Dad) and can print another copy right away.


You're still nervous about how much time and money you're really going to save printing your own stuff. Because don't you still have to have ink and paper and get things laminated?

The answer is yes - - but it's really stinking easy.

I called my local Kinkos this evening and got a few prices. Basically you take in a disc or flash drive (that little memory stick you put in your USB port) with the files you've downloaded from us. (Most copy places can do this, by the way.) They can print out the files for around these prices:

Color= $.59 a copy ($1.24 for thicker paper)
Black and White= $.10 a copy ($.30 for thicker paper)

After you have your copies, quickly cut out your pieces at the store. (If you printed black and white copies and want to color them before laminating, you can always come back....however, this is where full color products come in handy.)

Lamination costs= $3 per square foot

And if you don't like leaving your house, you can always print them on your own paper and cover them with clear contact paper. (Clear contact paper is a wonderful thing, no?)

Now you know - that is how easy and cost effective it is.

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