Friday, May 15, 2009


We have quite a few "I Can Draw" books and I don't think everyone really knows what they are. Because they are AWESOME.


"I Can Draw" books are perfect for a time when you want your kid to be quiet, but still focused on a Gospel topic. This particular book contains step by step instructions in four progressive boxes to help your child draw scenes from Noah's Ark. Everything is ready to print, instructions included.

I have a couple "I Can Draw" books that we take to church with us every week. My kids have their own notebooks filled with drawings. The coolest part is that they are TOTALLY QUIET while they are doodling. It's like our very own sabbath miracle.

Another cool thing about this - the last page has a big empty box titled, "My Masterpiece." You can either print this page multiple times for your little ones to draw on. Or print it on thick paper and then laminate it. That way your kid can draw with dry erase markers or crayons (which would be cleaner for church clothes) and wipe off their drawings and doodle some more. Genuioso, no?

And now that you know what a doodle book is - go get the new Noah's Ark one for free today!

One more thing...

As a bonus today only, there is a correlating Noah's Ark card game where you can get the full color version for the black and white price (it's a killer deal, I tell you.) So go on now. Go get your friday goodies.

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