Tuesday, April 5, 2011

books BOOKS books

So, who likes to read?

OOOOOOOH, oooh, ME!  I do!!

 I like reading a lot.  Books are my escape when reality is just too.....real.  But I don't like to take my reading casually.  As in, a few minutes there, a few minutes here, a few minutes last week.  Although, I do actually do that, what I really like to do is to sit down and read an entire book in one sitting.  Those are days when I shut down the computer, pull my blinds and hide my phone under a random pile of ignored laundry.  Those are the days that keep me sane.

Here are a couple of my more recent reads that I can't help but sharing.  They're not only fabulous books, they're also written by a couple of fabulous blogging friends and LDS authors.

"Miss Delacourt Has Her Day" by super fantastic (and Guitar Hero expert) Heidi Ashworth is amazing.

It is a sequel and you really must read the first book "Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind" because they are both SO INCREDIBLY ENTERTAINING. 

It's a regency romance and takes place back when society had rules and manners reigned supreme.  Except that not every one was as willing to go along with the rules as the rest of society, making things funny/interesting/and super super awesome.  (Not that we couldn't use a few more manners in today's world, but all the societal rules back then would have been enough to do me in.)

Miss Delacourt is a supremely likable character in both books and Sir Anthony, despite the imagery of puff pantaloons, is enough to sweep any woman off their feet (I'd stow away in his hot air balloon ANY day.) 

Seriously, read both of Heidi's books.  NOW.  It's totally worth ignoring the phone/computer/life for a day.  Trust me.

"The List" by Melanie Jacobson was one of the very first digital books I read when I got my new iPad.  (I'd never had a device on which to read digital books before, and let me tell you - - AWESOOOOOME.)

Honestly, this book falls into a genre of reading I generally ignore - LDS Young Adult Romance.  I'm sure there are plenty of great books that also fall into that category, but I've seen to many: "My testimony flared as I looked into his eyes and I knew with every fiber of my being that he was THE ONE."  Barf.  So when I started reading "The List" I just kind of dipped my toe in, you know, in case it was too sappy.  But quickly I realized there was no need for toe dipping and I dived right in, whole heartedly.

The book is HILARIOUS.  I loved it.  (It may have even changed my mind about the entire genre.)  And it really made me want to reverse time so that I could write my own list and have adventures...and learn how to surf....and have a summer fling with a beach hottie. 

So yeah, digital copy or the real live actual book - you must read "The List" (especially with summer coming up - perfect timing, that.)

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Heidi said...

Melissa, you rock! How fun to find a surpise review!! I will be sure to link to this in my sidebar. :)