Friday, May 17, 2013


Today is a great deal.  Green Jello with Carrots is offering a FREE I CAN DRAW BOOK.  If you spend $5.00 today in our shop you will get the BOOK OF MORMON - I CAN DRAW BOOK for free.  This is such a fun way to keep your kids reverent in Sacrament Meeting.  The pages are filled with different simple images from the Book of Mormon.  Then there are step by step pictures to show your child how to draw each picture.  If you print out each page and put it in a binder your child will have something fun to take to church each Sunday.  Also, you can just print the drawing page once and laminate it.  Your child can then use a crayon or dry erase marker and wipe off the page and use it over and over again!  There are several other fun I Can Draw Books in our shop, so check them out too!

To get today's Freebie use coupon code  freedrawBofM 
Here is a link to the Freebie

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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