Monday, December 3, 2012

FHE Idea on Tithing

Have you signed up for Tithing Settlement yet?  Yup, it's that time of year!  So we're having a Family Home Evening lesson on tithing at our house tonight using the lesson I typed up for the yourLDSradio blog complete with songs and scriptures.  Get the full lesson by clicking HERE.

And if you want to add a fun activity to your lesson - which I highly recommend - try our "I Will Pay My Tithing" printable file folder game!  It's lots of fun, and great math practice too because you have to find the matches by figuring out the tenth!


JackieSue said...

Is there any other way to get this adorable printable anymore?? Thank you so much! =)

63tbpatti said...

Your site has changed since the last time I was on it and it seems harder to find things. The links do not work for a lot of the clip art. I hope you are okay and wanted you to know that I have always enjoyed your work.

Honey Girl said... Here is the new link. $2.00 on etsy