Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Deals Day 2: 2013 Primary Theme I'm a Child of God

The 2013 Primary theme is awesome and easy (I love it when they're easy).  It's "I am a Child of God" and we have all sorts of brand new printable goodies that go along with it!

We have two styles of printables with the 2013 Primary theme.  The "sophsticated modern" style:

 Or the "whimsically cute" set:

Both sets include:

• printable binder covers for teachers, presidency members, and misc leaders (like Singing Time and Activity Days)

• printable bookmarks with the 2013 theme

• printable pencil toppers with the theme (and one set of assignment pencil toppers - I used these EVERY WEEK when I was Primary Secretary - they make assigning talks/prayer/scripture for opening exercises so so so easy!)

• a printable poster of the Primary 2013 theme

• and my favorite, printable classroom door signs - because the beginning of the year is super confusing when you don't know which class your kid is going to.  But when they're clearly marked it's SO MUCH BETTER.

And today, for our deal, you can get any or all of these new Primary 2013 theme stuff 50% off!  Just use the code: 2013PRIMARY when you're checking out to get the discount!

Check back tomorrow for another great deal and some more new stuff!


Kenna said...

These are amazing! Thanks you for sharing your amazing talent! Incredibly drawn!

The Roaming Robbins said...

I love these, and would like to buy the clipart to use for the Primary Program. Help?