Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Printable Family Home Evening Charts are SO EASY

If you want to use one (or all) of our printable FHE charts but aren't sure how they work, then let me tell you how easy they are!

First of all, you get your download and print the pages on cardstock (which is just thick paper).  You should have two pages of background image and then a page or two with the pieces.  If you have a big family, make sure to print enough pieces for everyone.

Next, just cut everything out and cut around the background image.

Now you have to hook your two background pieces together.  I suggest lining them up perfectly and taping them all along the backside.

Then write the names of your family members on the backsides of the pieces.  Each person gets a piece of their own.

And then you need to laminate everything or cover it with clear contact paper.  I always use contact paper because, depending on where you go, it's a lot cheaper than lamination.  And besides, I like to plop down in front of Netflix if I have a lot of cutting and stuff to do and lamination would require that I leave my house in the middle of everything.

Next you need to cut out your pieces again - because that is the bane of covering them.  (But it's worth it, because the pieces will last SO MUCH LONGER.)

So now comes the time to use your chart (which is also super easy to do).   Hang the background image somewhere your whole family will see it.  You can stick the pieces to the background using a few things.  You can get some of the sticky backed velcro and attach it to each piece and the background image so that the pieces can just peel on and off.  You can hang the chart on the fridge and put strong magnets on the backs of your pieces.  Or you can be lazy and do what we do - we just get a few pieces of stick tack and just use that to stick the pieces on.

Each week you need to rotate the pieces so that everyone in your family has a turn doing something for FHE.  If your family is large you won't all be able to participate each week so make sure to rotate people in.

And there you have it - an easy printable FHE chart!  It will help everyone get organized and excited about having Family Home Evening each week.


Anonymous said...

You ideas are awesome. Where can I get or purchase the FHE posters and pieces?

Rachelle said...

I too would like to download these. Where can I get them??